Are you concerned about sensitive data leaving your office? You should be.

Unfortunately, too many business owners assume that their in-house security measures are adequate. The truth is that traditional in-house computer systems are vulnerable to abuse, yet the inherent risks aren’t always obvious.

With VCIT AppBlast, you don’t need to deal with the complexities and headaches of securing your sensitive data.

Here’s why…

The VCIT data center is located in a high security facility.
The VCIT data center is located in a secure facility featuring 24×7 security guards, closed circuit cameras, secure access cards, fire suppression systems, climate control, and backup power systems.

In contrast, a typical small business computer system is vulnerable to theft, fire, flood and other risks that can cripple your business and have devastating consequences.Top Of Page

All of your company data and applications are stored centrally and regularly backed up
Because all applications and data reside in the VCIT data center, none of your critical data is stored on the access computers. Therefore, the impact of theft, fire, flood and other disasters is greatly diminished since you can quickly get up and running again using off the shelf computers, tablets, or even a smartphone.

Also, our comprehensive backup systems ensure that your data is always backed up, giving you peace of mind should disaster strike. We take snapshots of your documents multiple times a day, perform nightly differential backups, weekly full backups, monthly offsite encrypted backups, and replicate those backups to our DR site too.Top Of Page

Employees cannot copy documents and data to local devices, unless you allow it
You have the flexibility to choose which staff can copy company data to local devices. This security measure prevents disgruntled employees from stealing sensitive information without your knowledge.Top Of Page
Employees can only access job specific information based on criteria that you define
You decide who has access to which company data and applications and we take care of implementing all of the technical details. This security measures prevents data theft and ensures that employees only have access to the job specific resources they need and nothing else.Top Of Page
The VCIT data center uses enterprise class firewall technology to detect and prevent intrustion attempts
If any of your existing systems need to be accessed over the Internet, you must open up a hole in your on premise firewall. However, typical small business class firewall systems do nothing to prevent “denial of service” attacks and other sophisticated attacks.

In contrast, our enterprise class firewall systems allow your staff to safely connect to resources over the Internet while mitigating the risk of attack.Top Of Page

Critical system updates, anti-virus definitions, and other patches are applied on a regular basis
The VCIT data center is staffed by IT professionals who constantly monitor our systems and proactively deal with Windows hotfixes, security patches, application patches, upgrades, anti-virus definitions, and other maintenance issues to ensure that you are protected against the latest exploits and vulnerabilities.Top Of Page
VCIT AppBlast - How It Works

Overview diagram of the VCIT Data Center

Key security benefits of hosting with VCIT

Are your business computers physically secured to prevent theft?
Computers are a favorite target of thieves and loss of your precious data could be far more costly than replacing the hardware. Even if you have good backups, it could take days to completely restore your computer systems.Top Of Page
Do you use laptops, notebooks, or other portable devices?
According to a ComputerWorld survey, 81% of respondents stated that they had either lost or had stolen a company laptop in the past 12 months. Futhermore, an Intel funded study put the average cost of a notebook loss at $50,000!

Clearly, getting your valuable information off of portable device hard drives should be a top priority. VCIT AppBlast solves this problem by centralizing all of your company data in a high security data center.Top Of Page

Do you prevent the transfer of corporate data to portable USB storage devices?
Consider the potential risk to your business if an employee copied your customer database to a USB flash drive, quit, and then took a job with a competitor.Top Of Page
Does your business have security permissions in place to limit employees to job specific information?
What would happen if a disgruntled employee decided to do some damage?Top Of Page
Does your firewall have intrusion detection and prevention capabilites?
Most retail firewall appliances can selectively block or allow access to computer resources within your local network. However, that’s no longer good enough. For example, suppose your firewall allows web traffic through to your Microsoft Small Business Server so your employees can access email over the web.

With a typical retail firewall appliance, an attacker could repeatedly connect to the server and either crash it (denial of service attack) or run a password guessing program against it. In either case, a cheap retail firewall would neither detect nor prevent the attack.Top Of Page

Are you certain that your backups are complete?

How quickly can you restore all of your critical data?

Tape backups are notoriously unreliable yet very few companies regularly restore data to test them. Also, most companies only backup the data on their server, despite the fact that employees frequently store corporate data on their local hard drives.Top Of Page
Would your business survive a major data loss?
According to a leading vendor of data recovery software, more than a third of businesses experience some sort of data loss each year.

Statistics show that a majority of businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year of the incident.Top Of Page

Are critical system updates and other patches applied to all of your computers on a regular basis?
Microsoft has released hundreds of Windows system patches for vulnerabilities that an attacker can exploit to gain control of your computers or cause damage. If your computers aren’t properly maintained then viruses, spyware, and rootkits can exploit these weaknesses, potentially costing you thousands of dollars.Top Of Page
Do you have up to date anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam software installed on all of your workstations?

On your firewall too?

Multi-layered protection against viruses, spyware, and spam at the network, server, and workstation levels is needed to properly protect your computer systems. A single layer of protection isn’t going to fully protect your business resources since no single security measure can block everything.Top Of Page

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