How the Citrix X1 mouse transforms the iPad into a respectable thin client

Citrix X1 Mouse

Citrix X1 Mouse

One of the key benefits of cloud based access to business apps and desktops (DaaS) is the flexibility to use virtually any device to get work done. For example, customers of our cloud solutions use a wide variety of devices – iPads and iPhones, Macbooks, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows PCs and smartphones, Blackberry devices, laptops/notebooks, etc – to get work done.

However, iPad owners quickly discover that the user experience is less than stellar when it comes to running cloud based Windows DaaS and Windows apps. That’s because the iPad doesn’t support bluetooth mice, so the only way to interact with remoted Windows desktops and apps is by using your fingers. Because fingers are pudgy, it can be challenging to select things on screen – to the point where users just give up in frustration. Yes, it’s possible to pinch & zoom as a workaround, but having to do that constantly can really impact productivity.

Enter the Citrix X1 mouse, an innovative new product that provides the physical mouse precision needed for Windows apps and desktops to the iOS platform (both iPads and iPhones). The X1 mouse features left and right buttons, a scroll wheel, bluetooth connectivity, and precision cursor movement.

In other words, using it to interact with Windows apps on an iPad “feels” just like using a Windows PC. Finally!

Here’s a 3 minute video that demonstrates the X1 mouse:

Citrix X1 Mouse – Demo on iPad

Unfortunately, the Citrix X1 mouse only works with Citrix Receiver so you can’t use it to interact with native iOS apps. However, iOS apps are designed for finger use and Windows apps are typically designed for mouse use so that’s not much of a downside.

You can purchase the Citrix X1 mouse directly from Citrix. To find out more information, visit the X1 product page at

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