How it works

Cloud computing, simply stated, is the ability to use files and applications over the Internet instead of hosting, storing, or processing them on locally managed hardware

Josh Manchester, Forbes Magazine

Transform The Way You Work

The VCIT Cloud transforms traditional Windows applications and Windows Desktops into online, software as a service (SaaS) Cloud Apps and Cloud Desktops that can be run from any device with an Internet connection. Since Cloud Apps and Cloud Desktops “live” in the VCIT Cloud, you no longer need to install and maintain anything on your local PCs. Instead, applications are installed and maintained by expert VCIT technicians in our data center. Using Citrix HDX technologies, the Cloud Apps and Cloud Desktops run on high availability, screaming fast servers in the VCIT data center, yet they appear to run on your device as if they were locally installed.

Easy To Use, No Code Changes Needed

By simply visiting our web portal and logging on, your staff will have the freedom to safely and securely run Windows applications like Microsoft Office from any Internet connected device. No code changes to your existing Windows applications are required, so VCIT can deliver virtually any Microsoft Windows compatible application as a SaaS Cloud App.Top Of Page

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Arthur C. Clarke

Any Device, Anywhere

Because all applications, email, documents, and other data reside in the VCIT data center, there’s nothing to backup on your end. Office computers become low maintenance, interchangeable appliances that can quickly be replaced by off the shelf computers in the event of hardware failures.

Also, we support a wide variety of access devices including any Internet connected PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. So computers at Internet cafes, hotels, home offices, and client offices can be safely transformed into office computers for your business. With a basic Internet connection, an iPad or an iPhone can serve as a launchpad to your VCIT cloud apps too! Same goes for Android and Blackberry tablets and smartphones.Top Of Page

Quick, Secure, and Reliable

Regardless of the access device you choose, VCIT Cloud Apps and Cloud Desktops will run quickly, securely, and reliably. All traffic between your access device and the VCIT data center is encrypted, giving you the peace of mind that no sensitive data can be stolen, even when connected to public WiFi hotspots.Top Of Page

The VCIT Data Center

Our data center is located in the Backbone Datavault Vancouver data center in downtown Vancouver, Canada. We chose Peer1 as a valued partner because of their exceptional reputation, their world class facility, and their connectivity to the high speed backbone network that spans North America.Top Of Page

A Winning Combo

By leveraging our investment in high availability virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), a world class data center, cloud computing technologies, and lightening fast Internet connectivity, our customers enjoy an end user experience that’s as fast or faster than working with locally installed applications – without the maintenance headaches. Completing the solution, our IT professionals manage everything from server deployment and maintenance to installation and deployment of applications and everything in between.Top Of Page