Free Up Working Capital

VCIT Cloud Apps and Desktops are less expensive than hosting your own virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) because you avoid all of the cyclical capital and operating costs of planning, deploying, and maintaining a VDI infrastructure.

Typically, small business server and network infrastructure either starts to fail or becomes obsolete within 3 to 5 years and it rapidly depreciates in value too. Instead, host with VCIT and reinvest your precious capital into revenue generating projects and innovation. Top Of Page

Reduce Maintenance Costs

In a typical office, each PC has to be provisioned with all required applications and then personalized for the end user(s). This results in critical data and documents ending up on individual PCs that aren’t designed for reliability and are seldom properly backed up.

Also, each time you hire a new staff member, replace a PC, or replace a hard drive, all that work has to be repeated. VCIT Cloud Apps and Desktops avoid all that headache by centralizing everything, for all staff, in one place, where our IT experts manage it all for you! Top Of Page

Reduce Complexity

Because all applications, documents, email, and other resources are centrally located in the VCIT data center, there’s almost nothing to maintain on the PCs in your office. Office PCs become completely interchangeable appliances, so staff can work from any PC. True utility computing!

If an individual Office PC fails, no company data is lost and the user can quickly move over to any other PC inside or outside of the office and pickup exactly where they left off. Off the shelf computers can also be quickly deployed to replace failed workstations, with a minimum of fuss. Top Of Page

Mobilize Your Workforce

VCIT Cloud Apps and Desktops will immediately fatten your bottom line by increasing productivity, reducing downtime, and eliminating unnecessary commutes to the office. That’s because applications, documents, email, and other electronic resources will run from any Internet connected device and follow your staff wherever they go – 24 X 7. Top Of Page

Mitigate Disaster Risk

Disaster strikes thousands of businesses every year, yet few are able to fully recover. Even with comprehensive backups, it takes days to get in replacement hardware and weeks to fully recover.

VCIT’s infrastructure is designed for high availability, redundancy, and security so we can provide service levels that SMBs can’t otherwise afford. Your data is safe with us!

Should disaster strikes your office, you and your staff can still work from any location with an Internet connection and a computer (or laptop, Macbook, tablet, smartphone, etc)

Since all of your applications, documents, email, and other data are centrally stored on servers in the VCIT data center, you no longer have all of your proverbial eggs in one basket. Our high availability servers and hardware, air conditioning systems, fire suppression systems, and 24X7 security (both cameras and security guards) ensure that your precious data is safeguarded at all times.

Should a local disaster strike our main data center, our disaster recovery site will be brought online to take over all services. Top Of Page

What’s Included?

Your staff will still be able to use all of their existing applications, documents, email, and other resources, yet they will be able to securely access them from anywhere, using virtually any Internet connected device.

Each subscriber (employee) has access to the Microsoft Office Professional Plus suite of applications, a hosted Microsoft Exchange mailbox, personal storage (2 GB), 5 GB of included shared storage (more available, additional fees apply), and helpdesk support!

Other standard applications include Internet Explorer with Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDF Creator, and built-in applications like Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Notepad, and Microsoft Wordpad. Other applications are available on request, additional fees may apply. Top Of Page