Work From Anywhere
Your staff are always on the go and keeping staff productive and responsive to customers is a constant challenge.

Consider these key questions:

  • Are there opportunity costs in not having your computer systems available 24 X 7 from anywhere?
  • Would your sales staff be more responsive to customers if they had instant access from anywhere to sales collateral like PowerPoint presentations, brochures, informational pamphlets, technical data sheets, Excel spreadsheets, white papers, etc?
  • Would the productivity of field staff increase if they could avoid frequent commutes to the office?
  • Could part-time workers and contractors work remotely, thereby reducing your office overhead?
  • If you could offer staff flexible work hours and the ability to work from home, would that reduce employee absenteeism?
  • Would providing business partners and customers remote access to select applications or documents be a benefit?

Our cloud solutions provide you and your staff with ubiquitous access to applications, documents, emails, calendars, and other resources from any device, making your business more lean, responsive, and agile.

VCIT also offers syncing of emails, contacts, calendar appointments, and tasks to mobile devices so your staff can stay connected wherever they go!

These same mobile devices can even be used to launch your Cloud Desktop or individual Cloud Apps, so your staff can update company databases and CRM applications from anywhere they have mobile service. Top Of Page